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    “An SEO audit will allow us to see things that don’t work, and things that need work”

What is an SEO Audit?

Learn what our SEO & Usability audits will do for you

Often considered the starting point of any SEO campaign, a full website audit will allow us to track down problem areas that might now have been caught as part of a  new Google algorithm update. Not a position anyone particularly wants to be in.

An audit looks at many website design & SEO factors, the findings of which are matched up against Google best practice standards to see if there are any glaring errors. Often easily corrected, an audit can save you thousands of pounds in lost revenue and man hours to try and correct these in-house.


Do I need an audit?

This all depends. Do you think you have recently been hit with an algorithm update? Was this as a result of changes that you made? If so, you can probably reverse these yourself.

The time to start looking at an audit is when corrections have already been made to your website but Google penalties still exist. This is normally seen when tracking your search positions and when you see a sharp drop in traffic.

At this point we can be engaged and start looking at your site in great detail. This will allow us to track down possible issues with navigation, duplication, paid ads, site speed, and many other factors. Scrutiny of these will turn up issues that can then be corrected.

What do we look for?

An SEO / Website Audit is not a 2 minute job. These audits can take from days to weeks to complete and depend wholly upon the size of your site and scope of problems. When completed, the findings from the audit will give a roadmap and path of changes to be made in order of suspected importance.

  • Site Analytics
  • URL Formatting & Length
  • Webmaster Account & Settings
  • 404 & Error Pages
  • Robots.txt File
  • CSS, W3C & Code Validation
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Page Wordcount
  • Brand Use & Strength


  • Duplicate Pages & Seed Content
  • Crawling & Indexing
  • Domains & Sub-Domains
  • Page Load Times
  • Keyword Targeting
  • XML & HTML Site Map Structure
  • Single Resolvable Hostname
  • Spelling / Grammar
  • Primary & Page Navigation


  • Templated Duplication
  • Internal & External Links
  • Use of Page Titles & Description
  • Geo / Local Targeting
  • Canonical & Redict Issues (301′s, 302′s)
  • Site Images
  • Broken Links
  • Content vs Ads
  • Number of Clicks to Content Pages


When completed, we will spend time going through the report with you so you fully understand the findings and required changes.

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